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Pastoral Deluxe by Elin Lennox

April 23, 2010

Elin Lennox’s works, which are currently on display at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, consist of photographs of constructions she builds, with slight color adjustment. The theme is biological, and she states that her work stems from “a perverse biophilia.”


Each piece has the feeling of an ecosystem with many small bubbles, beads and bobbers, some medium-sized bulbs, and a few larger ones. Each element interacts with the others, creating an abstract scene that is altogether lifelike.

Her pictures contain recognizable objects as well as mysterious ones. There are egg yolks, whipped cream , glass bottles, and soap foam. There are objects that might or might not be blueberries, shells, fish eggs.

Her photo entitled Exhibit B has the feeling of a birth from ooze. The background imagery is somewhere between melting plastic film and a seafood dish, all with the aesthetic of a German kitchen circa 1982.

Exhibit G has clearly definable glass bottles and soap foam, as well as warm, glowing green and yellow circles. There is a background color that is a soft pink, over which objects are positioned that appear to be the outer skins of seashells . There are fractal lines in the soap and in the sand which look a bit like finger-painting, but are wholly organic.

Each piece is biological, and contains both the notion that we are looking at foods we eat, and that we are looking at biomes in all their activity, color, and life.

Pastoral Deluxe will be on display in Gallery 5 of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts until June 13th.