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Recall: by Ben Hernstrom and Frank Ferraro at the PCA

May 11, 2010


My memory works as follows: I collect a series of experiences and feelings, what I could essentially call data. This data rumbles around in my head until my brain finds a meaningful pattern. Once that pattern is recognized, I form an abstraction, a theory, or a system, and then all the data vanishes from my mind. The problem with this method is, when asked how I arrived at a conclusion, I have no occurrences nor string of logical reasoning to support my view.

In Recall, Hernstrom and Ferraro collect all the pieces that make up the abstraction, playing them on a loop simultaneously on 3 screens that wrap around a room. Alone, each image is a visual memory, a scene of a woman sleeping, a snowy tree, missing tiles on a bathroom floor, streetlights passing rhythmically as seen through a car window. But together these scenes enable the viewer to form an abstraction, to articulate the mood and aesthetic of the year represented without losing the information that allowed that abstraction to emerge.

Recall is currently on display in Gallery 7 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. It will remain there until June 13th.