3 Rivers Film Festival to Feature Local Films

November 11, 2010

The Three Rivers Film Festival features films by and about Pittsburghers.

On Friday November 19th at 9:15 at the regent Square Theater, Mt. Pleasant will play. This film is based on the short story by local author Jim Daniels. The film features a young man who assumed that escaping his home town of Detroit would solve his problems and change his life for the better. College, however, is not quite that simple, and he falls into self-destructive behavior to allay his anxieties. The film takes place over a weekend in Pittsburgh in which the young man confronts himself and his defunct worldview. The film will be preceded by Steeltown’s 2009 Film Factory competition winners, Anywhere But Here, and Roll The Dice.

On Saturday, November 13th at 7:00 at Melwood, The Electricity Fairy will play. This film documents and examines America’s relationship with fossil fuels. The film covers the controversy over creating a coal-fueled power plant in Virginia, and connects that local issue with the national energy debate. The film mixes documentary footage with old educational films and links past policy to our present conditions.

On Saturday, November 13th from 1-6 pm, a symposium entitled Movies And Violence: A Love Affair will be held at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. The symposium will feature screenings, presentations and discussions exploring the allure and omnipresence of violence in film. Violence is not limited to horror and action, but is a key feature in slapstick humor, in drama, and in cartoons. Violence ranges from a box office draw to a key plot point. Its ever presence on the news implies that violence in itself tells a story. Violence is visceral, and it connects the viewer to the film emotionally and physically; violent scenes are often the most memorable parts of films. Watching violence is thus different than watching other films, because the body participates, not just the mind. Violence on television is like the distilled essence of sport, the catharsis of sudden pain, which is disturbing but psychologically necessary. Rather than sitting around the campfire or in the pub, telling stories of war or the hunt, we watch those stories, safely, and vicariously suffer or proclaim ourselves victorious.

On Friday, November 12th at 10:00 at the Regent Square Theater, SYNC’D II will be playing. The show features locally made silent films from a variety of genres. The films will be accompanied by live music by Black Yodel and Bigg Slurpp, a Pittsburgh band.

Go to 3RFF.com for further descriptions and listings.


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