Free Courses at Filmmakers in June

June 2, 2010

Here is a common phenomenon in our modern times of endless possibility. Every day we have a different dream about who we are and who we want to become. We create elaborate plans in our heads about how to become organic farmers, or portraiture artists, or famous photographers, or zoologists, but back out of these plans because we realize that going down any one path would limit us from choosing the infinitely many other, equally awesome potential life paths.

These notes are tangentially related to the topic at hand, namely, that Filmmakers is offering free introductory courses in a variety of artistic media throughout the month of June. These courses are for people who have never taken a class at Filmmakers before.

These are ways to see if the path of the artist is one you want to take, or to dabble in, or even just to visit for a few hours.

To sign up, call Filmmakers at 412-681-5449.

Basics of Photoshop:                                  Wed, June 9, 6–8:00
Portraiture:                                               Wed, June 16, 6–8:00
Posting on the Web (stills and video)           Wed, June 23, 6–8:00

Digital Still Camera:                                   Tues, Jun 8, 6:00–9:30


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