Student Thesis Screening

April 26, 2010

On Saturday, April 24th, 6 student films were presented at the Melwood Screening Room. Each film was made and produced by a student of Filmmakers. The films represent two years worth of work planning, writing, casting, filming, and editing.

The first film shown was Joe Standley’s A Plumber’s Delight, a humorous vignette about a young man who attempts to impress women with his plumbing prowess, and succeeds in an unexpected way.

Justin DouglasAll the Young Dudes played next, was a story of the friendship of two senior citizens and one young man who go on an absurd quest. In the film, plot points are slowly revealed, and the purposes of the characters’ actions, as well as the depth of their relationship, fall into place.

Greg Neiser‘s Untitled is a music video in which a light shined into center stage. In front of it, a woman dances and a man raps. Depending on the position of the subject in relation o the light, the image changes fluidly between silhouette, image, and flashes of light.

Fish Story, by Pat Francart, is a story of art, love, and pescaphilic friendship. The film has no words, but character development and plot are all portrayed with actions, facial expressions, and slightly surreal images.

Bray Road, by Chris Nicholson, is the best kind of horror story: the kind where your allegiance flips, your sense of bad guy and good guy are skewed, and where you have just enough information to figure out for yourself how all the pieces connect. It is subtle and dark. Chris Nicholson clearly respects the intelligence of his audience and has made a film that frightens you , amuses you, and makes you think.

Michelle Nelson‘s film The Great Switch-a-roo is the story of a crazy plot two married men hatch in order to make their lives more exciting. Like all great plans, this one requires months of preparation, and though it doesn’t backfire, it has unintended consequences. In this film you find yourself identifying with the main character, yet slightly disliking him. This is a funny film about sexuality and ennui, and about marriage as something other than a unique bond between two people.

Each of the six filmmakers wove together a story with originality, with a unique aesthetic, and with emotional impact. Keep an eye out for these six filmmakers. They are bound to go far.

Be sure to come to the Melwood Gallery between April 30th and May 23rd to see the Senior Thesis Photography exhibit.


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