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Arts Profile: Andrew Batista

August 12, 2009

This week’s artist profile features former Pittsburgh Filmmakers student Andrew Batista.

Here at filmmakers we are lucky enough to help students along on their path to whatever they have ambitions to do, and we also get to keep an eye on those who stand out. Andrew Batista is a noteworthy up and coming filmmaker/ photographer, who is worth getting to know a little better. His film “Piano Story” recently showed at the 2009 annual Art and Technology exhibition opening, receiving compliment after compliment. I know I found it impossible to walk away from the film, even in the midst of a party.
He describes how his relationship with the movies began when he was a little boy living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He would browse through the films the U.S Embassy had to rent, then watching each over and over…enjoying them as a connection to the U.S. The importance of film in his life really began a little later on though, when he was in High school in Pittsburgh and bought his own video camera. He frequently found himself completely immersed in his projects, so he enrolled at Pittsburgh Filmmakers to continue learning.
When asked to mention someone who really has influenced his work, he points to esteemed Hollywood director Robert Rodriguez who wrote the book “Rebel without a Crew”. After reading that book, a career in film seemed more possible and attainable.
His latest big project “Piano Story” is a love story, which Andrew had never done before. He describes his creative process as starting with the image of a man at his piano, and then crafting a love story around that. He pictured the whole thing in a very classic style, taking place in the 1950s, which he feels is a good era to lend to a certain innocence the story has. He also feels that setting a film in a different time gives the audience a kind of permission to escape into the story, and out of the “real world”.

He also was lucky enough to work with New Perspective Productions, doing their Filmmaker in Residence program, which provided him with space and equipment that was invaluable to producing the film.
Right now Andrew is writing a lot, thinking up ideas for his next project which could be anything from a Western to a Horror film. In the meantime he’s been keeping busy with photography and a collaborative video project with fellow PGH Filmmaker graduate, Matt Robison. For fun, they write, shoot, and release weekly 1-minute shorts. You can see them at
Also you can find him on Vimeo and get a little sample of his work,
and his film “Piano Story” has its own website that will be up soon, thats
Keep an eye out for his next step, I know we will be.