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I am sure you’ve noticed…

December 11, 2008

Since the festival, things have slowed down quite a bit. Unfortunately for the blog, I’ve been caught up in the post-festival wrap-up as well as getting pertinent things taken care of at school. That economics exam isn’t the most exciting thing to post about here, so I keep all of that special econ goodness to myself.

I just wanted to let you know that with the winter break coming up, I will be on hiatus for a bit, to return in mid-January. Meanwhile, I highly recommend our holiday-ish lineup, and enjoying a few of our non-holiday screenings as well.

Happy Holidays Pittsburghers!


This month’s Film Kitchen

December 7, 2008

The showing will be at Melwood, not the Regent Square on Tuesday December 9th at 8 pm. Three short films are slated to be shown, in addition to food and a Q&A with the artists. You can read about the specific films at the Film Kitchen site.


Open house

December 1, 2008

Just wanted to get out there that this coming Thursday is the open house at Filmmakers, in preparation for next semester’s classes, starting on January 13th.

We offer classes in digital media, film, technology, and photography, and I’m sure there are more available that my brain just can’t think of.

If you might be interested in taking a class with us, please call us at (412) 681-5449 x201, and ask for Meredith.