This just in…

November 12, 2008

This was just forwarded to me by the PF/PCA:

Last Command/Alloy Orchestra event
Just announced: if you have a festival Six-Pack Pass, you can use two
punches instead of paying the $15.

Alloy Orchestra has come to Pittsburgh several years in a row for
shows with Filmmakers or within the festival. They are always
excellent. Yes, one of the guys in Alloy, Roger Miller, is from
Mission of Burma.

Tix are $15

Sun Nov 16 — 8:00 — Regent Square

This restored print of legendary director Josef von Sternberg’s
acclaimed melodrama was nominated for Best Picture in 1928, and won
its lead actor, Emil Jannings, the first-ever Best Actor Oscar. It
tells the story of a Hollywood extra (Jannings) called upon to play a
general in a movie about the Russian Revolution. But he’s no ordinary
extra. He is Sergeus Alexander — former commanding general of the
Russia army! And in a cruel twist of fate, the director of the movie
happens to be an old adversary (William Powell), who delights in
humiliating the general. Even the costume department bullies him.
When Alexander is directed to give a speech to a group of actors
playing soldiers, he loses his grip on reality. The Last Command is
one powerful movie with brilliant acting all-around, and is enhanced
by Alloy Orchestra’s live music — a stirring combination of found
percussion and state of the art electronic synthesizers. For years
Alloy has captivated Pittsburgh audiences performing with Blackmail,
Phantom of the Opera and other silent classics. (Josef von Sternberg;
1928; USA; 85 min)

Alloy’s homepage

A Film Review


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