My first Film Kitchen

November 12, 2008

Last night marked my first experience with Film Kitchen. After seeing the crowd that showed up last night, I doubt it will be the last. When I arrived to help with ticketing, there was barely room to stand, indoors OR out.

They did have hot-dogs last night (grilled outdoors, tailgate party style), and in addition to hot-dogs, local vendor D’s Six Pax and Dogz donated pizza and even held an after party with $1 drafts! Granted last night was a special occasion…independent filmmakers, the Graziano brothers and their star, Lawrence “Deuce” Skurcenski were present, and watching the commotion was fascinating. It was similar to a close family reunion meets football. The tackle-hugs would have made any coach proud.

Most of the people there either knew Deuce or knew the Graziano brothers. In the course of handing in their movie rating ballots, many of them also informed me that they fully intended to come back for next month’s film kitchen event. You can’t beat all-in-one pricing for dinner and a movie.

Speaking of movies, if you’d like to submit a movie for consideration for Film Kitchen, contact Matt Day.


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