Opening Night and Film Teasers!

November 5, 2008

VIP Reception (5:30 pm Fri, Nov. 7–Concept Art Gallery)
The VIP Pass costs $75. It can be purchased here and includes admission to the VIP reception, opening night screening of Tamas: A Portrait, and admission to the opening night Gala/after-party. The reception at Concept Art Gallery is conveniently located next door to the Regent Square Theater!

Gala and after-party
The after-party will be held at the Filmmakers facility on Melwood. It promises to be exciting with the facility all decked out to resemble a classic Hollywood nightclub! We’ll have food, drinks, a DJ and dancing, so come help us celebrate a successful opening night at this one-night-only event! You can be admitted to the gala by one of several methods: purchasing a VIP pass or purchasing a $25 opening night pass to any of the three opening night films.

Tamas: A Portrait
(7:30 pm Fri, Nov. 7–Regent Square Theater)
About 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh in a small town known as Saltsburg, there is a school for boys known as the Kiski School. Here is where a young man from Hungary named Tamas Szilagyi started making a difference back in 1963, when he was appointed as a teacher of history and a coach. Actor, filmmaker, and Kiski graduate David Conrad is scheduled to attend, as is the movie’s star, Tamas Szilagyi.

Bourgeois sculptures in Katz Plaza in Pittsburgh


Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, the Mistress, and the Tangerine (7:30 pm Fri, Nov. 7–Harris Theater)

This film is about innovative sculptor Louise Bourgeois, who has over six decades of work in her portfolio. Her thought-provoking art is even featured here in Pittsburgh (see photo at left).

Bourgeois was the first woman to have a retrospective of her work shown at the Museum of Modern Art. Take a walk with the artist and filmmaker/art critic Amei Wallach as they explore the imagination and process behind the art. Don’t miss a film the New York Times calls “uncommonly elegant and evocative”. Amei Wallach is scheduled to attend.

My Tale of Two Cities
(7:30 pm Fri, Nov. 7–Melwood Screening Room)
We’ve all come to a point in our lives when it seems absolutely necessary to leave home in order to be successful and pursue our dreams. In this story about coming home after a prolonged (and successful) absence, Carl Kurlander searches for meaning in his hometown of Pittsburgh, a city that is in the process of reinventing itself. Join Kurlander (writer and producer of such works as St. Elmo’s Fire and Saved by the Bell) as he tries to find out what the city needs to do to transform.


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