A guest sees more in an hour than the host in a year.

November 3, 2008

That title is an old Polish proverb that I found online. In keeping with our Polish emphasis to the film festival, it seemed appropriate knowing that we will have such an accomplished guest (Jerzy Stuhr for those of you just tuning in) who will be subjecting himself to endless questions for the viewers’ pleasure and understanding. A new perspective on film should prove rather refreshing.

Speaking of guests, one will soon be writing a special entry for this blog, which will enlighten viewers further about Jerzy Stuhr and his upcoming films. Some of you may have heard of self-proclaimed “cinephile” Andy Horbal of Mirror/Stage fame. The following excerpt is taken from his blog’s About section:

About The Author: My name is Andy Horbal. I have a B.A. in Film Studies and the History of Art & Architecture (and a certificate in Children’s Literature) from the University of Pittsburgh. Presently I work at the Stark Media Services Center at the University of Pittsburgh’s Hillman Library. I’m also a student in the Masters of Library and Information Science program at Pitt’s School of Information Sciences. I watch a lot of movies in my free time. I’ve got poetry in me.

Andy has long been looked at as a very knowledgeable movie blogger, whose challenges to readers included such things as his 2006 question, “What’s the best American fiction film of the last 25 years?”. In that particular test, he invited readers to give the best movies in their opinions, all highly-esteemed criticism aside. Movies from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective to Goodfellas were thrown in for discussion.

He recently commented on the importance of Jerzy Stuhr’s 2001 visit to Pittsburgh as an important event in his life as a “cinephile” and will be blogging here briefly about the impact of that visit and the debut of Twists of Fate at the 3 Rivers Film Festival.

And on one last Polish side note, the PCC of Pittsburgh is having a membership drive at the moment. If you join now and pay $25 for individual or $30 for family, your membership will be extended all the way through December of 2009. Please call 412.871.3347 and help the PCC continue to support Polish culture!


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