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Adding some Polish flair

October 28, 2008

Pittsburgh Filmmakers is no stranger to the Polish Cultural Council of Pittsburgh (PCC). Past efforts have brought about such events as Polish poetry and music for Pittsburgher enjoyment. This year, we have teamed up with the PCC again in order to bring a new flavor to the festival. This collaboration will result in five Polish films being shown throughout the festival’s duration.

Popular Polish actor/director/writer Jerzy Stuhr will be present on November 12th in order to showcase his film Twists of Fate.

Jerzy Stuhr

Jerzy Stuhr

With over 30 years of experience doing everything from writing to acting to voice-overs for the Polish versions of characters like Donkey from Shrek, Stuhr brings his knowledge and culture to film-making (and the states) with this award-winning drama about crime and consequences. A young man with a less-than-altruistic conscience confronts a man with a haunting past. A full synopsis can be found on Fandango.


3 Rivers Film Festival

October 28, 2008

Who: Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

What: The 27th Annual 3 Rivers Film Festival

Where: One of three theaters currently held by the organization, as follows-

Harris Theater
Regent Square Theater
Melwood Screening Room

When: November 7th through November 22nd. Films are shown every day in the two week period, with over 40 films covering the genres of local films, documentaries, restored classics, and many more…

Why: It’s the longest running and largest film festival in this region. We love to help emerging and established artists find audiences and to help audiences find great films.

How: Through collaboration with Dollar Bank and our sponsors and many volunteers, we have managed to bring together a wide variety of films. Many of the artists involved in the creation of these films will be in attendance, and will take part in special events such as the artist’s symposium. In addition to film screenings and the symposium, there will also be a brunch and live musical performances.

How can you get your tickets?
They’re actually on sale online through the Festival’s website. As always, tickets can be purchased at the door starting a half-hour before the show, provided the show is not sold out.



October 25, 2008

Welcome to the newest edition of the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Blog! Don’t worry if you miss the old material: you will still be able to get ticketing information from this venue as well as through the Filmmakers and Three Rivers Film Festival sites.

Within the next few days, new content and material will…well….materialize.

Expect to read about upcoming films and screenings, new technologies, and interviews and discussions with independent and well-known artists. Feel free to tell us what you’d like to know as well. We can give you information on the Pittsburgh Filmmakers facility, the Three Rivers Film Festival (which is the oldest to date in this region!), and any other screenings or events taking place in Pittsburgh.

So…bear with us as in the next few days this page is gutted and rebuilt from scratch. We look forward to bringing all kinds of information to you about the film and arts industries in Pittsburgh!